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      Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

      Regardless of what life throws at you, sometimes, you have to "let sleeping dogs lie"... at least til they're ready to play.

      Michael Foster

      Oracle Architect / Certified Oracle DBA (OCP 11g,10g,9i,8i,8.0,7.3)

      Over 25 Years Oracle Enterprise Experience

      You can reach me at:

      • Business Systems Design (UI, OLTP, Data Warehouse)
      • OS And Database Administration (Windows, Unix, Linux, Oracle)
      • OS And Database Performance Analysis And Tuning (All Levels)
      • Resource Sizing - Host / VM / Database / Storage (Allocation Administration, Balancing)
      • High Availability, Reliability, Database Backups, Failover And Redundancy (RMAN, Data Guard, RAC, Streams)
      • Application Development 
        • (Oracle Database SQL, PL/SQL, APEX, APIs, Pro*C, Utilities)
        • Java (Server Side, Middle Tier/Application Tier, Client Side)
        • HTML / CSS / JavaScript